At Pioneer Learning Solutions, we know that Instructional Design is at the core of transformational change and success in your business. We inspire and energize your teams through engaging interactivity, creative design and winning techniques and strategies. Our goal is to take your learning objectives from vision to reality with efficiency, expediency and exceptional expertise. With content development as our superpower, we are very intentional regarding our approach to designing, developing and executing your online learning content. Our secret sauce to success? We take a step-by-step approach to knowledge and education about your business through the implementation of a needs assessment, an evaluation of your team’s learning style and our years of skill in creating tailored experiences specific to our clients’ goals and objectives.  

Established in 2018, Pioneer Learning Solutions is changing the game in Instructional Design. We are an enthusiastic and driven team of designers, consultants, copywriters and experts in the online learning space. As subject matter experts in people psychology, business, the newest in learning technology and a ton of creativity, we will make learning for your company, the latest trend that your teams are excited to get their hands on.

Pioneer Learning Solutions was founded by Jaclyn Reed. Jaclyn is not only a CEO, but she is a single mom living in NY creating a legacy for her 2 sons through partners like you who support our business. She has a PHD in Education and Human Resources and leads her team in building the best in online curriculum.  Are you a small to medium sized business who might want to transition to online learning? We have several resources to help you deliver your online or in-person content. Why not contact us today? 

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